December 31, 1999: The world braced for disaster as midnight approached. Then, nothing happened. The hysteria over the Y2K computer bug quickly became an afterthought; a punch-line. In Surviving Y2K, Dan Taberski takes you back to the turn of the millennium to meet the people for whom it was anything but a joke — computer coders, conspiracy theorists, survivalists, and true believers — as they each face their own version of the apocalypse. And Dan tells a new millennium story of his own, about a decision that could destroy his life.

Headlong is Dan Taberski’s documentary podcast that explores the lives of overlooked people, moments and events in our culture. Season 1 was Missing Richard Simmons. Season 2 is Surviving Y2K. Season 3 is Running from COPS.



  • Introducing Headlong: Surviving Y2K | November 13

    December 31, 1999: As midnight approached, the world braced for disaster. Then, nothing happened. The new season from the creators of Missing Richard Simmons drops November 13.
  • 1: Millennium Approaches | Surviving Y2K

    As awareness of the Y2K bug grows, the world braces for disaster to strike at midnight on January 1, 2000. You can binge listen to the entire season of Surviving Y2K, ad-free, right now on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to and use promo code ‘HEADLONG.’
  • 2: 1999 | Surviving Y2K

    For some, the looming apocalypse isn’t terrifying. It’s a dream come true.
  • 3: December | Surviving Y2K

    The final days of the year are upon us, and Dan faces a millennium decision that could ruin the rest of his life.
  • 4: New Year’s Eve | Surviving Y2K

    A very Russian love story. The first baby. Sixteen hostages at gunpoint. As the new millennium dawns across the globe, three stories of lives defined at the stroke of midnight.
  • 5: New Year’s Day | Surviving Y2K

    We’re all still here. Now what?
  • 6: The New Millennium | Surviving Y2K

    You can’t predict when disaster will strike. Even when it’s marked on your calendar with a big, red X.
  • Bonus: Josh Gondelman’s Y2K | Surviving Y2K

    In this bonus interview, comedian Josh Gondelman (Desus and Mero, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) tells Dan the story of his Y2K, when he was 14. It’s a tale of vengeance, as Josh and his friends take action on behalf of all the other nerdy 90's teenagers … Read More

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  • Dan Taberski

    Dan Taberski is a director, writer, and producer based in New York City. He was the host of the podcast Missing Richard Simmons, created the kids show Destroy Build Destroy for Cartoon Network, and his documentary short film These C*cksucking Tears won the jury prize at the SXSW. Taberski is a former producer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and worked on economic policy in the Clinton White House. He’s also an accomplished quilt-maker.